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Ultra-16 Viewfinder for 15mm Lens on Bolex

The 15mm lens gives a very pleasant look in the Ultra-16 format.  However  my modified Bolex Octameter Viewfinder I was telling you about last time, only zooms out to 25mm.  So the thought came… why not use that neat little Phago viewfinder that I’ve been using on the GIC camera.  It’s vertical field-of-view is correct […]

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Ultra-16 Viewfinder for Bolex H16M… Super-16 similar ?

Maybe you remember I converted my Bolex H16M camera to Ultra-16.  Well, for a long time I’ve been using the normal Octameter side viewfinder and frankly guessing the U16 frame !  So it’s about time I pulled up my socks and finish the modification. I really just need to know the correct frame for a […]

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GIC 16mm camera… long search for a short lens

Know the feeling ?  You parted with some lens a while ago that you now wish you’d kept !   Well, this is happening to me.  Try as I might, I can’t find a suitable wideangle lens for the little GIC camera. I’ve got an early 10mm Switar, but it’s the RX version.  I’d run into […]

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16mm Exploits with the G.I.C. camera

16mm movie cameras are generally much larger and heavier than 8mm ones, with the advantage of having 3 or 4 times the image quality.  Is it possible to get 16mm quality without the disadvantages ? For a while I’ve had a little French-made G.I.C. in my cupboard and it takes 50ft spools of 16mm film.  […]

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Converting a Bolex H16M to Ultra-16, part 2

Last time we tackled the gate widening.  Now for the sprockets.  Because the film touches areas beside the sprocket teeth,  it’s necessary to remove any metal that might cause wear of the image.  Normally this wouldn’t perhaps happen but its better to be safe than sorry.  Removal of the two sprocket wheels is simple with […]

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Converting a Bolex H16M to Ultra-16, part 1

For some years now I’ve owned a little-used Bolex H16M camera, and had a yearning to modify it to Ultra-16.  Whenever I attempt something like this,  I first satisfy myself that the camera’s  registration is rock-steady. See Having no turret like most Bolex’s,  it’s quite easy to get started on the job.  It goes […]

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My first try with the RD motor on Bolex

The Bolex’s  footage counter showed 90.  I dearly wanted to get the film out for processing.   Seven or so feet to go.  I hate wasting film.   Like many independent film-makers I have a shot-list as long as my arm,  and I hastily ran through it.  For such times I generally choose to do […]

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Henry L. Buckingham, Widescreen Pioneer

You may remember my post  “Who Invented Super-16 ?”  in which I described Ian Smith’s  16mm widescreen VariScope system:             Well, I recently got a comment from Steve Buckingham in Australia,  saying that he thought his late father had invented Variscope.   And way back in the early 1950s !  I was naturally incredulous about […]

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A new Super-8 camera for 2014 !

Believe it or not,  an entirely new Super-8 film camera could be only months away.   It’s called the  Logmar,  and is to be manufactured by Danish enthusiasts  Lasse Roedtnes and his father Tommy. Not only is this the first totally new super-8 camera for over 30 years,  the Logmar  offers an entirely professional way of […]

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