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Dunkirk in Imax

(photo: Kathy Palmer) If you get the chance,  do see Christopher Nolan’s  DUNKIRK in Imax. I found it stunning,  and the audience obviously thought so too. They clapped at the end.  And before the show, the manager of the BFI Waterloo Imax cinema gave a short introduction.  With arms outstretched he held up a 24-frame […]

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Welcome back !

Hello and welcome back ! The site has been off for a time, while we carried out technical improvements.   This is still continuing, but all is now working well.   You’ll notice also there’s a padlock to give customers even more peace of mind.  And do please feel free to make any suggestions for the […]

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Stunning News from Kodak !

We have become accustomed to seeing Kodak discontinuing iconic products….Kodachrome, Ektachrome…. Now as 2016 dawns comes some amazingly positive news.   Kodak plans to introduce later this year a brand new Super-8 movie camera.      Take a look at  We can only wait and see what it will be like.   And how much it will cost.   […]

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