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This site is dedicated to still and movie photography using real analogue film.
If you’re looking for cameras, lenses or hard-to-find accessories, hopefully you’ll find them here.
We aim to please everyone… amateur and professional.

It’s never been a better time to acquire good quality photographic gear at reasonable prices, much of it little used.
And remember, many lenses and accessories will work with digital as well.
Just click above on what interests you and use the sales form to order an item, simple as that!
If you can’t find what you are searching for, do email me, as more interesting things arrive every day.  All items need inspection and testing, so it’s often some time before they get listed. And many smaller accessories etc are not listed here.
You are of course very welcome to visit the shop in Bridport, a short distance from the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site.          The shop is normally open:  Wednesday, Friday and Saturday,  from 10.30 to 4.30pm.   Other times by appointment.

Please note:  Everything we sell can be returned within 3 months,  if you are not satisfied with it in any way.   As long as it hasn’t been damaged you will receive full refund (excluding shipping costs).

Please also note:  The shipping weights shown on each item are approximate and include the packing.  So if you order more than one item,  you’ll notice the shipping weight decreases relatively.   Every effort is made to keep shipping costs as low as possible.  However,  we do believe in packing everything well !

Thanks for visiting and look forward to hearing from you !


Sales manager at Film is Fine

Contact Details:

01308 427734

7 West Allington, Bridport, Dorset DT6 5BJ

  • Lee Pitman says:

    Hey Doug.

    I got a a camera from your shop a Olympus Trip 35 its great just wondering if you have a compact flash which would work with it?



    • Doug says:

      Hi Lee
      I don’t have the Olympus Trip Flash, but I have another similar kind of size that will probably work OK on your camera. It’s a Plusblitz MC30, price £4, plus I’m afraid £3.50 shipping.

  • Dave Richardson says:

    Doug, More of a question than a comment. Some years ago you had an article in International Movie Making about using 16mm magazine cameras. I have decided that dragging a H16rx about at my age is not a lot of fun, so I tried to contact Pierre Soubrier by email. Unfortunately the email address is no longer in use. Have you any new contact details and if not can you let me know what is involved in converting a magazine for single perf film.
    Many thanks


    • Doug says:

      Hello Dave, Sorry I don’t have his contact details. But you may find some ideas at
      Or perhaps ask people on their forum. It may be possible to load normal magazines avoiding the sprocket wheel. But I really don’t know if this would be OK. Best of luck ! Doug

  • Vernon says:

    Morning Doug,

    The lens you supplied is working brilliantly, many thanks.

    A chum has an Canon EOS film camera, can you supply the battery for it or know where he can obtain said item please?


  • Martin Franks says:

    Hi Doug,

    I’m after a Rolleiflex Panorama head. The second version is preffered. Do you have one?


  • John Marriage says:

    I’d like to get hold of two small (3.5″ – 4″) empty 16mm metal reels – would you be able to supply? I could pop into the shop on Friday.

    • Doug says:

      Hi John
      These spools are getting rather thin on the ground I’m afraid ! I presume you mean the “daylight-loading” camera spools. I’ll have another look but I think I can only find one. Price £2. I’ll be open Friday as normal.

  • Terry Sills says:

    Hello Doug
    Just a reminder and a link to reply. Don’t forget to have a look for the RCA spool arms that we talked about today.
    Kind regards

    • Doug says:

      Hello Terry
      Yes haven’t forgotten ! But I’ve only found one, the takeup. Can’t remember if I used the other arm for something or other. It’s in the shop so next time you’re over…

  • BINDER says:

    hello Dough,
    I want to buy your “Fader Bolex for H 16 RX, and pay for by Paypal but each time I try my email address is rejected: no match
    this address is the one of my Paypal account
    can you help me
    best regards

    • admin says:

      Hello Jack,

      I believe I have fixed the email verification problem on the checkout page. Please try again.

      Thanks for pointing this out Jack!


  • Tess says:

    Hiya! I was wondering if I bought my DSLR in if you would be able to clean the sensor? I don’t want to risk doing it at home! If not, don’t worry, I just thought I’d rather go to you than a big chain. Thank you

    • Doug says:

      Hi Tess, No I don’t do this work I’m afraid. If you need to do it yourself I have a mini-vacuum cleaner for £10. I’ll send you a photo. All the best !

  • JH says:

    Morning, looking for a VHS film camera for a new project. Do you know where I could find one ?

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