This site is dedicated to still and movie photography using real analogue film.
If you’re looking for cameras, lenses or hard-to-find accessories, hopefully you’ll find them here.
We aim to please everyone… amateur and professional.

It’s never been a better time to acquire good quality photographic gear at reasonable prices, much of it little used.
And remember, many lenses and accessories will work with digital as well.
Just click above on what interests you and use the sales form to order an item, simple as that!
If you can’t find what you are searching for, do email me, as more interesting things arrive every day.  All items need inspection and testing, so it’s often some time before they get listed. And many smaller accessories etc are not listed here.
You are of course very welcome to visit the shop in Bridport, a short distance from the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site.

The shop is normally open:  Wednesday, Friday and Saturday,  from 10.30 to 4.30pm. Sometimes Tuesdays as well….phone !  And often the shop is open until after 5pm …always so much to do !   Other times by appointment.

Please note:  Everything we sell can be returned within 3 months,  if you are not satisfied with it in any way.   As long as it hasn’t been damaged you will receive full refund (excluding shipping costs).

Please also note:  The shipping weights shown on each item are approximate and include the packing.  So if you order more than one item,  you’ll notice the shipping weight decreases relatively.   Every effort is made to keep shipping costs as low as possible.  However,  we do believe in packing everything well !

Another thing:  the packing material is from other parcels we have received, so is being reused.  A lot of it is still plastic though.  Hopefully that will change soon.  And we are sure that you are doing your bit too.  In the Spring we participated in the yearly clean of the other beach at West Bay, not the one seen above.  Many Bridport people were there.  It was staggering how many tiny pieces of plastic we picked up in a short time.  We have to change.

Thanks for visiting and look forward to hearing from you !

Sales manager at Film is Fine

Contact Details:

01308 427734

7 West Allington, Bridport, Dorset DT6 5BJ


    1. Hi Lee
      I don’t have the Olympus Trip Flash, but I have another similar kind of size that will probably work OK on your camera. It’s a Plusblitz MC30, price £4, plus I’m afraid £3.50 shipping.

  1. Doug, More of a question than a comment. Some years ago you had an article in International Movie Making about using 16mm magazine cameras. I have decided that dragging a H16rx about at my age is not a lot of fun, so I tried to contact Pierre Soubrier by email. Unfortunately the email address is no longer in use. Have you any new contact details and if not can you let me know what is involved in converting a magazine for single perf film.
    Many thanks


    1. Hello Dave, Sorry I don’t have his contact details. But you may find some ideas at filmshooting.com
      Or perhaps ask people on their forum. It may be possible to load normal magazines avoiding the sprocket wheel. But I really don’t know if this would be OK. Best of luck ! Doug

  2. Morning Doug,

    The lens you supplied is working brilliantly, many thanks.

    A chum has an Canon EOS film camera, can you supply the battery for it or know where he can obtain said item please?


  3. Doug
    I’d like to get hold of two small (3.5″ – 4″) empty 16mm metal reels – would you be able to supply? I could pop into the shop on Friday.

    1. Hi John
      These spools are getting rather thin on the ground I’m afraid ! I presume you mean the “daylight-loading” camera spools. I’ll have another look but I think I can only find one. Price £2. I’ll be open Friday as normal.

  4. Hello Doug
    Just a reminder and a link to reply. Don’t forget to have a look for the RCA spool arms that we talked about today.
    Kind regards

    1. Hello Terry
      Yes haven’t forgotten ! But I’ve only found one, the takeup. Can’t remember if I used the other arm for something or other. It’s in the shop so next time you’re over…

  5. hello Dough,
    I want to buy your “Fader Bolex for H 16 RX, and pay for by Paypal but each time I try my email address is rejected: no match
    this address is the one of my Paypal account
    can you help me
    best regards

    1. Hello Jack,

      I believe I have fixed the email verification problem on the checkout page. Please try again.

      Thanks for pointing this out Jack!


  6. Hiya! I was wondering if I bought my DSLR in if you would be able to clean the sensor? I don’t want to risk doing it at home! If not, don’t worry, I just thought I’d rather go to you than a big chain. Thank you

    1. Hi Tess, No I don’t do this work I’m afraid. If you need to do it yourself I have a mini-vacuum cleaner for £10. I’ll send you a photo. All the best !

  7. I am interested in purchasing the Jobo Varioformat Easel and Test Strip Printer, advertised on your site.

    I have to be sure that it includes the Test Strip Printer, before I attempt to purchase it.

    I only mention this as I recently bought the self same item on eBay, that was advertised as including the Test Strip Printer.
    But regrettably when I received it this was not the case, the vendor had been mistaken in his advertisement.
    I am now having to return this item from the supplier. So I hope you can understand my caution in this matter.

    1. Hello Barry, No problem. This one includes the Test Strip Printer, which is a panel of flexible plastic that you place over the paper. When printed it’s easy to see which is the best exposure according to the darkness of each strip.

  8. Hi

    I want to buy a 512XL super 8 camera, which says that is suitable for 100D film. I’m new into this and I cannot find easy a 100D film, will it work with another one? In that case, with which one?



    1. Hello Gemm, The 100D position at present is in a slight limbo. Kodak are planning to re-introduce Ektachrome 100D very soon, and Ferrania also have their own plans but further in the future apparently. This 512XL camera has been fully tested with Ektachrome 100D which I still have in my freezer for my own use. It will also work with 50 iso films such as Kodak Vision 3 negative, and faster films too up to 200 iso. I am currently out-of-stock of the Wittnerchrome 200D col reversal but this is available from other suppliers. The camera adjusts the exposure for different films. Do bear in mind this Canon camera only has auto exposure, not manual. Thanks

  9. Hello Doug
    Received my Jobo Easel & Test Strip Printer today, Friday 13th July 2018. Both items intact.

    It’s particularly nice to find this site, a pleasant surprise to find a genuine place of and for photo enthusiasts, after having to deal with eBay.
    Yes thanks for the info, I know what a Test Strip Printer is and for. I had these items many years ago when starting out in photography. But they disappeared long ago.
    I’m just now establishing my own home photo darkroom, and I’ve been trying to obtain these items for some time.

  10. I have some cine film but i am not sure how to tell which format they are. Something tells me we used Super 8 some time ago. Is there an easy way to tell if they are 8, super 8 or 16mm please. Thank you.

    1. Standard or regular 8mm and Super-8 are both 8mm in width across the film strip, unlike the larger 16mm. Super-8 has smaller perforations than standard 8, to give more room for a bigger picture. The standard 8 perfs extend nearly halfway across the film. They are the same size as 16mm perfs. Super-8 perfs are elongated slightly in the direction of travel of the film, unlike standard perfs. However, are you talking about camera-film ? If so, standard 8mm film is 16mm wide before it is split (having been processed). Super-8 camera-film is always 8mm wide if it’s in a cartridge. Although there is a double super-8 version 16mm wide if on a roll.

  11. Hi Doug,

    Came across your name on this blog:

    I’m an independent filmmaker who started in film but have been working in video for too long. Now getting back into film, planning to shoot a feature on super 16mm or 35mm.

    Do you by any chance know anyone in Los Angeles who can work on Beaulieu and / or Eclair NPR 16mm cameras (I have one of each) or Elmo 16mm projectors?

    Bernie O’Dougherty did some work on my Eclair NPR but I still need the ground glass re-marked for super 16mm and Bernie’s swamped and the camera is back with me in California. I’m thinking of converting the Beaulieu to ultra 16, and it was helpful reading about your Bolex conversion, but first the camera has a focusing issue that needs to be figured out.

    Thanks for your time and for your website. Awesome!

    Thank you!

    1. Hello, I’m afraid I don’t know about Los Angeles, maybe Tyler Purcell on cinematography.com knows servicing people there ? Funny I’ve sometimes had focus issues with Beaulieu cameras’ viewfinder. Sounds great your plan for a feature. What’s it about ? Thanks and good luck! Doug

  12. Hi,
    I have a Bell & Howell cine film projector (in working order) that I no longer have any use for. Would you be interested?
    I will be in Bridport later this month and could bring it into your shop?
    Let me know,

  13. Hi Doug,

    I’m looking to get some 120 film developed (C41) and possibly scanned (depending on price and quality). Just wondering if it’s something you offer through the shop, or if you have any recommendations on where to get it done in the area? I actually tend to develop myself, so if there’s somewhere that just has the equipment, I’d also be interested in hearing about it.

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Hi Paul
      I don’t offer 120 processing/scanning through the shop I’m afraid. I think the nearest might be Snapsphotoservices.com in Bournemouth.
      Best regards

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