Ferrania Making Progress with Analog Film

Ferrania Making Progress with Analog Film

The Ferrania team are forging ahead with their 100asa colour reversal film.   It will be soon available in 35mm and 120 sizes,  as well as Super-8 and 16mm movie.   And this is just the beginning !  Their slogan is  100 More Years of Analog Film 

But they could do with some help from you.  They are currently making great progress with a Kickstarter campaign in an effort to rescue,  then restart the very big processing machines that will make their films cheaper.  In a short time they have succeeded with the amount pledged:  quarter of a million dollars, but they could obviously do with more to speed up the work.  When you make a pledge you can choose a reward,  some film that will be made early next year in smaller machines.  Mine was a roll of 16mm film, and I’m looking forward very much to trying it out.  There are plenty of different rewards.  Go to

And then you will also have the satisfaction of making it all happen !

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