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Hello and welcome back !

The site has been off for a time, while we carried out technical improvements.   This is still continuing, but all is now working well.   You’ll notice also there’s a padlock to give customers even more peace of mind.  And do please feel free to make any suggestions for the future.  More products will soon be added, however this all takes time, so meanwhile do ask for anything you need !

A lot has happened recently on the analogue film front.   Kodak as you know will be relaunching Ektachrome later this year.  Initially available in super-8 and 35mm transparency film.  Lets hope they will soon offer other formats too.  And then there’s their new super-8 camera !

Ferrania is already making black and white 35mm film at its revamped factory in Italy.  Soon it will be launching its own colour transparency film, along with super-8 and 16mm. This dedicated team has overcome massive hurdles along the way. See

Across the world new resources are opening up to help folks make films. Here in Britain Pavan Deep has formed

Meanwhile,  many of the best Hollywood films are continuing to be made on celluloid.   “La La Land”  used 35mm and even 16mm.    Nolan’s upcoming “Dunkirk” is an all-65mm production to be released in Imax in July.

Talking of large format films,  one independent film-maker Nick Eriksson is working on a Vistavision drama set in Devon UK.  It’s called “Ellston Bay”.  Vistavision was used on big feature films in the 1950s and later for creating special effects in many films such as  “Star Wars”.  It’ll be good to see it return this year !

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