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  • Bell & Howell 240


    100 ft spool-loading camera with long duration spring motor.  Comes with Super Comat 20mm f1.9 lens.   Also accepts c-mount screw lenses.  Speeds:  8 to 48 fps + single frame for animation.  Gives lovely images.

  • Bell & Howell Autoload


    Zoom reflex with Auto exposure.  ‘Focus-matic’ indicator: a ball-bearing that finds its level as the camera is tilted !  18 fps speed. Runs off 4x AAA batteries, not included.  The filter-key is not included,  so daylight-balanced colour film will have an amber cast and 2/3 of a stop under-exposure.

  • Bolex Aspheron Lens


    This is the Super-8 version,  but it also works with standard 8mm and 16mm.  Fits in front of wideangle camera lens to give ultra wideangle.  Rear screw is 55mm.  You may need an additional 55mm ring as a spacer.  And your camera lens  has to be at a close focus setting to get infinity focus. Nice sharp images.

  • Bolex Filter Holders for H16 filter-slot models


    5 filter-holders and templet in case, for gelatine filters.  To insert behind c-mount lenses in left-side filter slot. is under construction :-)