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  • Bolex Octameter Viewfinder for H16


    Zooming viewfinder that fits on H16 camera door.  Covers 16mm to  150mm.  Plus 10mm adaptor.  Parallax adjustment.

  • Bolex Parallax Viewfinder Prisms 8mm


    A pair of prisms that correct parallax on Bolex ‘pocket’  standard 8mm cameras.  They correct for 1ft and 2ft distances,  and slide on to the front of viewfinder.  Instructions included.

  • BPM Bellows copier with Exakta mounts


    Bellows for macro photography,  with Exakta mounts each end.  Also a slide copying frame.  This unit can be fitted with other types of lens mount too.   Instructions and box.

  • Canon 512 XL


    Power zoom reflex:  9.5-47.5mm lens with a maximum aperture of f1.2, also lots of light with the XL shutter.  Macro as well.  Split image focusing. Please note: Auto exposure only.  Speeds: 9, 18, 36 fps + single frame with remote lead.  Takes 4 x AA batteries (not inc.) Suitable for 100D film.  Instructions, hood, case. is under construction :-)