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16mm Cameras

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  • DSC00261

    Beaulieu R16 reflex body

    • Condition: Very good

    This 16mm reflex has bright viewfinder.  However, when tested the focusing is slightly inaccurate:  about 1.5 inches out at 73 ins. (With most filming the depth-of-field may take care of this.)  Accepts  c-mount lenses.  Takes 100ft spools and has door for 200ft mag.  Speeds: 2-64 fps.  Needs battery.  (You could wire up a pack of 5x AA batteries !)

  • DSC00041

    Bell & Howell 240

    • Condition: very good / excellent

    100 ft spool-loading camera with long duration spring motor.  Comes with Super Comat 20mm f1.9 lens.   Also accepts c-mount screw lenses.  Speeds:  8 to 48 fps + single frame for animation.  Gives lovely images.